How Our Program Works


At Medical Detox Center, your treatment is individualized to your needs. Suboxone treatment allows the patient to continue working, going to school, leading normal lives. You will be evaluated in the first visit and we will begin treatment with Suboxone, if appropriate, on the first visit.

You will be given prescriptions for medications for a week at a time in the first weeks of treatment. You will also participate in counseling sessions to work on coping skills and other issues which are common to people in recovery from addiction. We strongly urge participation in a 12 Step program.

As you progress in treatment, we will develop a plan for your treatment after the two months clinic period is over. Some people will choose to remain on a maintenance dose of Suboxone after the initial treatment period and begin the discontinuation process later. However, some people will begin decreasing and stopping the Suboxone at that time.

New Appointments

If you think our program could be helpful to you, please contact us at 770-753-9898.

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